Who we are

Braidwood Food Company is a family owned business founded by us, Meraiah Foley and qualified chef Tim Wimborne, that centers around seasonal eating and sourcing ingredients from ethical producers near our town. 


We have a great interest in practicing a more sustainable style of living and business than has been common in the past. A practice that promotes the quality and quantity of wilderness areas and is reparative of agricultural land.

While producing hand crafted, locally flavoured food is our business, our aim is to focus on the above mentioned sustainable practices and to supply a product with integrity rather than the sole target of maximising the bottom line at all costs. Quality over quantity and the environment above profit.

Nature-first Farming meets Community Spirit. The result is Local, Freshness and Flavour.

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Eating well means knowing the provenance of your food and having a closer relationship with the people growing it.

Braidwood Food Company is our response to the growing movement of people changing the way they eat.

Braidwood Food Co. is a member of the Southern Harvest Association, a community led organisation focused on growing local and regional food communities in the A.C.T. and South East N.S.W.

We have received the Slow Food Snail of Approval

Braidwood, N.S.W., 2622, Australia