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Fresh Seasonal Pasta


The seasons, planting schedules on local, family run small farms and our own culinary influences determine the flavours we offer on Market Day here in Braidwood.

When beetroot is in season we will caramelize it in virgin olive oil and blend it with fresh sage, producing a spaghetti perfectly suited to be topped with zucchini chiefonade blanched in vegetable stock and garlic fried walnut halves.

Other times we might prepare a noodle of baby broccoli leaf, sweet onion and mountain pepper or local olive paste with Braidwood's unique cold climate purple garlic.

We also supply fresh pasta in a range of shapes and flavours to local Chefs and select, nearby farmers' markets.


We use the same high quality fine Australian semolina from a family owned farm and where they grow and mill here in New South Wales. Other ingredients change with the seasons but they are all from sustainable, small farms close to Braidwood. Always.

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