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Drought, Fires and Flood. Our lesson in renewal.​

So, what's next for our Mountain Pepper orchard and locavore food business?

A lot of change!

So, we learned a lot in the last six months. About weather, climate and fire but also about community, native plants and people. We do know that we will have no pepper harvest in 2020.  We don't know what the future climate will look like but it is certainly likely to be hotter and drier so we are undertaking a new 'risk mitigating' orchard recovery model. We have retooled our business to increase our hand-manufactured food products to account for lost pepper sales.

As is often the case we are now far more keenly focussed on family and friends but also ramping up the environmental and social sustainability of both business and home life, reducing our reliance on systems that have failed to provide security in recent times.

The bottom line is, we are aiming to grow better, not bigger.

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